Should You Go to Rehab to Detox from Drugs Prescribed by Your Doctor

Before we answer the tricky question of doctors and addictive prescriptions, we need to look at the bigger picture here. Unfortunately, in this country right now we are faced with multiple substances that have become increasingly popular in a very short amount of time. What this means is that we are now faced with concerning substances that are still not fully understood but which are definitely difficult and concerning, to say the least. What we have on our hands right now in a lot of ways is a full-on epidemic and a total influx of deadly and dangerous substances that spread addiction further into the nation.

People go through all of the work and all of the effort of actually getting off of drugs, but then they often face great hardship and great difficulty just trying to stay sober! What this shows us is that getting off of drugs and alcohol is really more of a lifetime commitment, and it’s not something that can be simply achieved by going to rehab for a few weeks and then calling it good.

This generally speaking comes as quite a surprise to most addicted individuals. Most people who struggle with addiction think that they will win if only they can get into a treatment center. They do not realize that there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Truthfully though, going to rehab is really only just the first step in one’s lifetime commitment to getting free and clear from addiction once and for all and for good. What we are touching on here is the subject of relapse and the effect that all too often has on us. Plus, the sad but very real truth here is that relapse really is a very prevalent concern and something that recovering individuals have to be aware of. They get into a situation where they really just do not know exactly how they are going to create and maintain a lifetime of sobriety with all of the demands and challenges that day-to-day life presents to them. Right here and right now is where the threat of relapse becomes a very real thing and this right here is where people in recovery tend to worry the most and rightly so too.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

In this country right now and in the world for that matter, the best approach that we have currently for addressing addiction is with the help of inpatient addiction treatment centers and recovery program. Rehab centers really are the best hope that we have for winning the battle against addiction once and for all.

Inpatient addiction treatment centers offer a very helpful focus to clear a path off of drugs and alcohol. One thing we need to remember however is that going to rehab just in and of itself is not necessarily a foolproof plan. In fact, studies show that inpatient rehabilitation only has about a 50% percent chance of success which is determined by a lot of different factors. As it stands though right now, inpatient addiction treatment is the best shot that anyone has for getting clean off of drugs and alcohol for life.

Prescription Drugs

Here is a tricky proposition when it comes to a prescription painkiller or a prescription painkiller addiction. Obviously, from the above data, we can see that going to rehab and then working to stay clean and sober, is, of course, the right answer, but what about when a person is addicted to prescription drugs that their doctor gave them?

This too is answered simply. 1). Go to rehab and get clean. 2). Get a different doctor. It’s as simple as that. For information on how to get started, reach out to A Forever Recovery today at 877-459-9760.


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