Binge Eating: Why It Could Lead to a Dangerous Binge Drinking Habit

When we consider and think with drug and alcohol addiction, we begin to see this as definitely being a pretty big problem and an issue that needs to be addressed and properly worked over. Drug and alcohol addiction has now grown in severity and prevalence to be a huge problem for a lot of a people and not even just for those who are addicted, but also for those who are connected to them too, like family members and loved ones.

Binge Drinking Vs. Alcoholism

Here is an interesting problem that has really shown up a lot in our younger generations, binge drinking vs. alcoholism. To shed some insight and light on just how tricky this problem has gotten, consider the following statistics on the problem, especially as pertains to young people, binge drinking, and binge eating:

  • According to the Monitoring the Future Survey, which is an organization that pays close attention to the trends of addiction and substance abuse in this country as well as lots of other health problems, our biggest concern with addiction right now is with young people and substance abuse.
  • Studies show that young people are abusing drugs and alcohol at rapidly growing rates, which is very concerning, to say the least. Unfortunately, young people are constantly finding themselves falling on hard times with addiction year after year after year. Furthermore, young people are more likely to have one problem develop into another one, like binge eating leading to alcohol abuse and binge drinking leading to a food addiction and so forth.
  • This is definitely bad news for our country. Currently, young people are also getting addicted to substances at much earlier ages as well. Studies show that young people in the 21st-century experience their first ever use and abuse of a drug addict at the average age of 16. This is a big part of the problem of course because it is at younger ages that they are more likely to develop a connection between binge drinking and binge eating.
  • With these factors in play, we see a country where more young people are obese than ever before, and more young people are addicted to alcohol than ever before. Something like forty-two percent of all Americans under the age of 30 are overweight, and thirteen percent are addicted to alcohol.
  • Prior to the turn of the century, young people did not experience their first ever substance abuse occurrence until in their early 20s. One can see pretty easily with all of the development and growth that is occurring in younger ages that substance abuse at such a young age would have even more of a problematic effect on a person then it would for somebody who is in their 20s.
  • Any way you look at this, it does not bode well for the future of our country. If we are going to do something effective about addiction, we are going to have to do it pretty quickly.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking alcohol is what starts a person onto the path of alcohol addiction. This is why such habits and tendencies should be absolutely avoided. Binge drinking just is not worth it, there are zero health benefits, it is totally unnecessary, and it is actually quite dangerous and damaging both physically and mentally.

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, reach out to A Forever Recovery today to take the first step towards a better lifestyle and towards a better future. Call today at 877-959-5792 to get started.


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