Admitting Your Addiction: Whom Should You Tell First

When we look at the health and vitality of the American people, we are often surprised to see that the United States, the only country in this nation that spends more money on drugs and alcohol than it spends on food. Actually does not have the highest quality of health and vitality amongst countries. In fact, the U.S. is not even all that close to the top of this list.

Now, drug and alcohol addiction has been a growing issue in this country, with the end result being a significant increase in substance abuse to the point of more and more substance abuse issues coming about that we might have not seen before, issues now of which we need to be a lot more serious about addressing and working over. As it stands, we need to do something about addiction, as substance abuse is now the most concerning health risk that our country currently faces.

Addiction Today

For how quickly and how seriously this problem has been growing, we are actually often quite surprised by how little information and data there is published on addiction today, and we are often amazed that this issue and struggle is as rarely reported on as it is. Proportionately speaking, this problem and concern should be more closely and more stably looked at. For some quick insight into it, consider the following:

  • According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are more people addicted to drugs now that there ever were before in the history of our country. Not only this, but there are also more people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol on a per capita basis as well.
  • Even during times in the past when addiction was a real problem, (like the 1920s and 1970s), those time periods simply did not compare to the addiction struggles that we are facing in our country today.
  • As it stands, there are about 23 million people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol nationwide. When that number is more closely examined, we begin to see how serious this is. 23 million people is about 14% of the entire American population of the age of 13 or older.
  • Now we can begin to see how concerning this really is. That is a lot of people who are suffering from addiction! Most concerning of all is this fact that this problem consistently grows more in numbers of those addicted every year.
  • The simple truth is that more people get addicted every single year and the problem is growing faster than we can do something about it by rehabilitating these people.

Admitting You Have an Addiction

Admitting you have an addiction is the first step in going free from an addiction crisis. Admitting is the first step and admitting you have a problem is not just a Twelve Step thing. In fact, when people consider just how bad drug and alcohol addiction is, we begin to see that this is an issue that needs to be addressed more sincerely and that admittance of there being a problem really is the first step to consider.

There is no doubt for any of us at this point that addiction is definitely getting worse. This is definitely a problem that grows more and more concerning and difficult each and every year. When you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, you need to tell those closest to you about it first and hope that those persons can assist you in going free from the habit for life. For more information on how to really beat addiction, call A Forever Recovery today at 877-459-9723.


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