How to Find Addiction Treatment For Your College-aged Child

Of all of the different types of demographics of young people in this country, without a doubt the single most at-risk demographic there is when it comes to substance abuse are college students. Statistically speaking, college students are roughly twice as likely to abuse substances and to drink to excess than non-college students of the same age. This puts a lot of pressure and worry on the parents of college students, especially when those students travel outside of their immediate home area to go to college. Studies show that college students tend to hurt themselves and overdose or experience alcohol poisoning and have to be rushed to the hospital and all of these other ramifications of substance abuse at a much greater rate than their non-college student peers. This trauma that is put on some parents is completely unfathomable.

When parents find out that their college student young adult son or daughter is abusing drugs and alcohol, they often wonder what to do about it. They can often be at a loss for words and can be quite frantic in trying to figure out what to do about their substance abusing son or daughter.

How to Help Your Drug Addicted Child

How to help your drug addicted child? Parents dealing with a drug-addicted child or child drug addicts have it rough. When you have a son or a daughter of college age or of any other age for that matter who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the answer is a rehabilitation program. More specifically, you need to get your son or daughter into an inpatient, drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, detox facility, and aftercare program. These types of centers offer the best solutions and the best results for struggling individuals, including adults and teens. The risk of an overdose is a lot more serious than it is with older individuals. Because of this, parents need to act much more quickly, and they need to be a lot more decisive about getting their loved one into a treatment center and quickly too. This has to be the priority. At such a center, your son or daughter will experience:

  • Full detoxification. Detoxification comes standard with an inpatient program, to address the physical and chemical aspects of a substance abuse habit. With proper detox, an addicted young one can finally experience freedom from a physical perspective from the substances that are harming their bodies so heavily.
  • Next up is rehab itself. Nobody simply becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol by accident. That is not how it works. Youngsters need to go to rehab centers because they have the tools to address the mental and psychological aspects of substance abuse. In this way, they offer a great deal of help and assistance to people who suffer from addiction. For young adults, this is especially helpful as it assists them in finding out the real reasons and underlying causes of their addictions.
  • Last but not least there is aftercare. Aftercare is crucial and necessary to help people who suffer from addiction. Even after getting clean the treatment center, the battle is far from over. A person still needs to be able to go into an aftercare program to get ongoing help and assistance.

If your addicted son or daughter is not going to go to treatment, an intervention must be performed. The important factor here is to get them willing to go so that they can reap the benefits of a good treatment center. If you are seeking help for a son or daughter who is addicted to or abusing drugs or alcohol, whether they are willing to go to treatment or not, call A Forever Recovery today at (877) 250-3166.


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