Addicted Couples: Should They Attend Rehab Together

It is a well understood fact that couples share just about everything, but unfortunately, this can be a very bad thing when one individual in a couple starts abusing drugs and alcohol. More often than not, they will end up getting their significant other also addicted to the substance, especially when the couple is composed of two young adults or teens.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is sadly now a huge issue for young adults everywhere, and this problem is a lot worse than it ever was before. A big problem with young adults these days is the sheer prevalence of substances in this country. Substances just seem to get more and more prevalent in this nation to the point where young adults can basically get ahold of substances whenever they want to. This is a grim and a vicious issue to say the least. It is this prevalence of substances that puts young adult couples at greater risk for being exposed to such substances. From the Drug Enforcement Agency:

  • According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the trafficking of narcotics in the United States increases each and every year, making for very serious problems as far as this goes.
  • Just last year, there were reports of more than twenty thousand people who were arrested for trying to bring narcotics into the United States.
  • This issue gets worse and worse each and every year, and while thousands of tons of narcotics are stopped at U.S. borders, a lot of it makes its way through too, creating a very bad situation for Americans.
  • Basically, when there are more of the substances in the United States to abuse, more people will abuse them, and that is just the logic of the situation.
  • These days it is several times easier to get a hold of drug substances than it used to be, to the point where people now partake in these substances like never before. This is due simply because they are more likely to stumble across them and get a hold of them than they used to be.

Couples and Addiction

Couples and addiction sadly often go hand in hand. Addicted couples often have a hard time getting clean, because they both have to be ready to get help at the exact same time, or more often than not they will just end up falling back into addiction and substance abuse again. Couples in rehab are often the only solution to addressing this vicious problem.

There is of course the age old question of, “If my significant other and I are both addicted to drugs and alcohol and we are both ready to go to treatment, should we go to the same treatment center?” And the answer is, yes, absolutely. There is absolutely no reason why couples can’t go to the same treatment center. And when they go to the same treatment center, they are able to grow, heal, and experience a lasting and permanent freedom from even the most dangerous of substance abuse problems. They are able to do all of it with each other. They can flourish, learn, and build off of each other and find effective recovery strategies together. This treatment approach is very effective because it uses exceptional methods of recovery to help to rehabilitate both partners so they can work together to build a unique recovery approach for both individuals.

For more information on couples recovery, call A Forever Recovery today at (866) 441-1589. The path and road to long-term sobriety is just around the corner and recovery is more than possible!




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