Why Cocaine Use is Still Prevalent in the U.S.

There is no doubt that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a serious problem in this country, one of which is on its way to becoming even more prevalent if it is continued on the trend that it is currently on. Few people are in mystery about the fact that this is truly a growing problem and that this is something that is only getting worse and worse as the years go by.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a very serious difficulty and is something that stands to take over in this nation if serious action is not taken to do something about it. A lot of drugs and substances have become very popular in the last two decades, substances that were never really an issue before. Even with that though, there are still some old drugs that remain very popular and frequently used and abused within the American community. One such drug has been that of cocaine.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction has become a lot more prevalent, as signs of cocaine abuse in our country have gotten a lot more common, and the need for cocaine addiction treatment has also gotten a lot more severe. In light of these factors, a lot of people are asking, “Why is cocaine still so popular when so many newer drugs have made themselves available?” The answer here is a multifaceted one and is perhaps best answered by giving readers a few truths about cocaine that are not so well-known. Then maybe one will understand better why this drug has stuck with us for so long. Some of these points are:

  • Cocaine has been around for a lot longer than most people know or believe to be true. In fact, cocaine use goes back literally thousands of years, and it is one of the oldest drugs in history. Cocaine was used by indigenous tribes in South America in the form of the coca leaf. This was used literally because it acted as a stimulant for them and gave them energy and excitement.
  • Cocaine was initially marketed as a medicine. In the mid-1850s German chemists isolated the cocaine chemical compound in the coca plant and sold the formula to hygiene and medicine companies. With it, these companies made anesthetics, shampoos, toothpaste, etc. In fact, until 1885 when people started getting addicted to it, cocaine was considered very beneficial and in fact, healthy.
  • Crack cocaine is very much like cocaine, but times ten. Crack cocaine came in at the end of the 1990s and was cheaper, more potent, and more addictive. Crack cocaine and cocaine both took the nation by storm after seeing little activity in the mid-1990s. Essentially, the nation had experienced a lull in cocaine use during the middle of the 20th century, but before the end of the century cocaine came back and it brought its cousin with it.

One can extrapolate, as for why cocaine is still so prevalent in society, that the drug has simply been with us for so long that it has effectively put a foothold down in American society and will essentially always be with us. Also, cocaine was hailed as a solution when it first became popular, and it was not a problem item from the very beginning like all other drugs are that are new today. Cocaine set a precedent in human society thousands of years ago and has cropped up here and there ever since.

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