Knowing the Behavior Patterns of a Drug Addict

Sadly, in the 21st century, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have become so pervasive and so common that there are now more than twenty-three million Americans who are actually addicted to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, though, about two hundred thousand Americans get, clean every year, about four hundred thousand become addicted every single year, effectively making it into a one step forward two steps backward type of situation. The sad truth here is that, with how pervasive and prevalent drug and alcohol addiction is in this country, it is very likely that every single American is closely connected to someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol whether they know it or not (as many addicts keep their addictions a secret).

Regrettably, this is the situation that we live in now. Think of it this way. With twenty-three million addicted, that is about eleven percent of the entire U.S. population. Do you know eleven people? Of course. Would you say that you are closely connected to eleven people? Probably. When put into perspective like this, it quickly becomes clear to see just how prevalent and serious drug and alcohol addiction is in this country.

Thankfully, to help address the absolute epidemic that is drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in this country, the number of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers has not only increased, but the types and the styles of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers has also increased. This is to say that there are now more different types of approaches to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction to help anyone and everyone who wants to beat addiction be able to find the approach that saves their lives.


Addiction is a tricky beast. Behavior becomes very strange and even a little hard to explain or to decipher. There are definitely addictive behaviors though, and if you know what to look for then you have already taken the first step towards helping your loved one find the path to freedom and stability from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most common signs of addictive behavior are:

  • Impulsive thinking and behavior
  • Putting pleasure seeking as a priority
  • Feeling unique or special and feeling the need to rebel
  • Less of a feeling of responsibility for the improvement of society or humankind
  • Being selectively picky as to activities and hobbies
  • Very stressed out all the time
  • Feeling exposed and constantly feeling like they are being attacked
  • Having a victim mentality, feeling like they are always under attack
  • Being in denial about it all, being unwilling to confront the fact of their addiction
  • Being obsessed with oneself, constantly putting oneself first, not making time or effort for others
  • Having very irrational decision making, not being able to conjugate logic or basic wise choices

A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery has the solution to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problems. This treatment center is able to provide help and assistance to even the most heavily addicted of individuals. A Forever Recovery offers a path out of an addiction nightmare that is worth traveling and this treatment center is able to give people the help that they need to create a stable and sober life for themselves. If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, call A Forever Recovery today at (866) 238-0066. This treatment approach offers a wide variety of different treatment methods, all of which give people the tools that they need to stay clean and sober for life.


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