Painkiller Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues, in general, are harsh and troublesome for those who are affected by them.  Substance abuse is a controlling crisis in this nation, one of which seems to only get worse and worse as the years go by.  Substance abuse creates difficult and troublesome problems that are altogether very controlling in society today.

Since the turn of the century, substance abuse has risen to be an even more concerning issue in this nation, one of which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  The troubling issue here is that there are now so many different substances that people can become addicted to, and there are so many different types of drugs and alcohols and substances that people can abuse that it is becoming very difficult to monitor and address and properly handle the problem.

One of the biggest issues that have made addiction rampant in this country has been the problem of painkiller addiction.  Painkiller addiction is the fastest growing addiction problem in the United States, and it is easily the single most concerning problem in this country, one of which needs to be effectively handled sooner rather than later.


Painkillers, prescription painkillers, and opiate-based pain relievers are a huge problem in this country today.  They are the fastest growing drug of choice in this country, and they are on the verge of outstripping even alcohol in terms of substances of choice.  They have already outstripped all other drugs.  Here are some statistics about prescription drug abuse:

  • Prescription drugs have now addicted more than six-million Americans in this country.
  • Prescription drugs kill about twenty-thousand Americans each and every year.
  • Prescription drugs cause about eighty-thousand Americans to become newly addicted to them each and every year.
  • Prescription drugs are now quickly becoming a gateway drug in this country. That means that people are becoming more and more likely to abuse prescription drugs as their first drug than marijuana, which used to be the number one gateway drug.  This is truly worrisome because prescription drugs are a lot more dangerous and deadly than marijuana is.
  • Prescription drugs are becoming the number one drug of choice amongst young adults. Young adults between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four surveyed on this subject admitted that they would choose prescription drugs as their number one drug of choice.  Because prescription drugs are so addictive, so dangerous, and so easy to overdose on and die on, it is very worrisome that the young adult population and the future of the nation are becoming so heavily addicted to these substances.
  • Painkiller addiction is a very easy thing to occur. Studies show that people are getting their drugs through entirely unconventional means.  While narcotics are typically dealt out by a dealer, studies show that the vast majority of people who take prescription drugs abusively do so as a result of getting the drugs from a friend.  Sometimes they get them from a friend who has a prescription for them, or they get them from a family member.  Sometimes people steal them from a medicine cabinet.
  • Prescription drugs and addiction to them is one of the most difficult addictions to get rid of and here’s why. Prescription drugs are totally accepted and are in fact encouraged in society.  That is just the simple truth of the matter.  Truthfully speaking, people experience addiction to such substances and then can’t get off of them because prescription drugs are totally legal and are in fact encouraged for people to take.  Because the drugs are not illegal, they are very easy to get ahold of, and just having them on one’s person is not a criminal activity.  So it is very difficult to monitor the consumption of these drugs and it is incredibly difficult to help people get free from addictions to them.

Addressing Prescription Drug Addiction with Rehabilitation

Prescription drugs create powerful addictions, but these addictions can and should be addressed with the help of inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. The help that is offered by inpatient rehabs is absolutely invaluable when it comes to getting rid of a harsh addiction to pills.  Prescription drugs can and should be gotten rid of for those who do not actually need them for a legitimate health issue.

A Forever Recovery can help people who have an addiction to prescription drugs.  Call today at 866-749-3610 for more information.


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