What are the Symptoms of Drug Use

It is clear at this time that drug and alcohol addiction is a tough and a grueling issue, one of which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  Substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction is a difficulty and a hardship like no other. One of which needs to be taken care of and explored effectively if people are going to find their path to freedom and a level of stability and abstinence that is lasting and permanent.

One of the reasons why people have such a hard time addressing drug and alcohol addiction in their family members is because they simply do not fully understand all of the different aspects and facets of drug and alcohol addiction.  When people are better educated about drug and alcohol addiction, they thusly become more capable of addressing drug and alcohol addiction within their own families and social networks.

Drug Use

Drug use is one of the top most concerning health related issues in this country, and it is also one of the top most foolish things that people can do with their bodies.  Drug and alcohol abuse is a derisive and seriously dangerous habit, one that creates negative effects on a person physically and mentally.  For this reason, people need to be able to know addiction when they see it in someone else and know how to address it.

Because those who are addicted are not themselves physically or mentally capable of stopping their own substance abuse, they get into a situation where they actually do need outside intervention to get them to stop using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  With this being said, it is almost always up to the family members and loved ones of an addict to be able to tell when someone is abusing drugs and alcohol and what to do if that is the case.

Signs of Drug Use

The effects of drugs are gruesome and concerning, to say the least.  Listed below is a pretty extensive list of the various signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse so families can learn what to look for in their loved ones:

  • Bloodshot eyes, glazed eyes, cloudy eyes, dilated and constricted pupils.
  • Rapid and concerning weight changes, sudden weight gain, and sudden weight loss.
  • Skin issues. Bruises on the arms and legs, infections on the skin, rashes, sores, and other skin problems.  Also, physical signs at the drug’s entrance site on the body like track marks.
  • Serious changes in mood. Increased aggression towards family members and loved ones, irritability and violent and angry outbursts.
  • Strong changes in overall outlook on life, attitude, and personality, even towards family members and loved ones.
  • Lethargy, laziness, shiftlessness, unwillingness to do anything or to cooperate in any way.
  • Depression, anxiety, sadness, grief, sadness, and overall misery.
  • Sudden changes in friends and groups. Hanging out with people that are shady and unpleasant.
  • Sudden changes in the person’s habits, routines, goals, and ambitions.
  • The person is now having financial problems, always needs money, always in debt, etc.
  • The person is now suddenly doing criminal things and other types of activities that are concerning and worrisome.

No one should have to suffer unnecessarily with drug and alcohol addiction, but the sad truth of the matter is that people simply cannot beat drug and alcohol addiction without the help of a professional addiction treatment center. A Forever Recovery can be there for anyone who struggles with substance abuse.  Call today at 866-749-3610 for more information.


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