Pain Pill Addiction: Why It’s So Easy to Get Addicted

Drug and alcohol addiction has had negative consequences and has made different types of crisis issues that have come up and created negative results of many different kinds all across the nation.  It has been an ongoing, one thing after another type of problem for this country.  Today, we as a nation face more addiction, more people addicted, more deaths from addiction, more costs from addiction, more difficulties nationwide because of addiction, and more problems in general because of addiction than we have ever experienced before.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues if not the biggest issue with drug and alcohol addiction has been that of pain pill addiction.  Pain pill addiction is the newest craze in this nation.  Unfortunately, it is a craze that has taken hold and has not faded away into the past like most fads and crazes with drugs and alcohol usually do.  Prescription drug addiction is now the single most concerning addiction issue in this nation.  Here are some of the statistics regarding it:

  • Prescription drug addiction now accounts for more than fifty percent of all addiction issues and problems in the nation. It is a true statement to say that more people are addicted to prescription drugs than all other drugs combined.
  • More people die from prescription drugs than all other drugs combined too, with over twenty-thousand dying from pills that are supposed to be helpful for them.
  • Prescription drugs have all but dwarfed marijuana when it comes to the nation’s most popular gateway drug, which is absolutely terrifying, as prescription drugs and pain drugs are far more dangerous than marijuana, is.
  • Young adults use prescription drugs at increasingly serious and worrisome levels. Now, an individual’s age of first recreational use of a prescription drug is 17, whereas prior to the turn of the century it was twenty-three.  This is bad news for the young adults of the nation indeed.

Treatment for Pain Pill Addiction

How can you get addicted to painkillers?  It is quite easy, and the symptoms of painkiller addiction are all around us if we know what to look for.  A lot of people get addicted because they get put on them for a legitimate medical reason, and then they simply can’t get off of them.  Other people start taking them because they get peer pressured into doing so, or because they are told it will do something helpful or beneficial for them like relax them or give them a good trip.

The treatment for pain pill addiction is a simple but intensive one.  For those who are hooked on pain pills, they will need to go to a residential addiction treatment program.  An outpatient program won’t do.  The addiction is simply too strong.  An inpatient addiction treatment program that also has a detox approach to handle and address the chemical dependency issue to pain pills is what is necessary and needed to truly save people from this grim issue.

A Forever Recovery is an excellent drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that can provide great help and care for getting people off of drugs and alcohol, and for doing so in a workable fashion and with excellent results.  The program at A Forever Recovery is completely capable of helping people to address an addiction to pain pills, no matter how tough or difficult that addiction might be.

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one with a pain pill addiction, don’t hesitate to call A Forever Recovery at (866) 441-1589 for answers to your questions and a description of our program.


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