Are You at Risk of Developing a Behavioral Addiction

Are you at risk of developing behavioral addictions? This is a question a lot of people have. Some are not even sure exactly what a behavioral addiction is. Simply stated, a behavioral addiction is any kind of habit or mannerisms or activity in life that begins to negatively influence your behavior or your lifestyle.

This definition often surprises people. What it means is that a behavioral addiction does not necessarily have to be a drug or alcohol addiction, though it very often is. A behavioral addiction is simply a habit or mannerism or addiction to something that negatively affects a person’s life. It is something that is so prevalent and dominating in their lifestyle that they suffer in other areas of their life because of it.

Here are some behavioral addiction examples:

  • A person who drinks alcohol so much that they notice that they are physically addicted to it and it impacts on their different areas of life including their ability to work and hold a job and provide for their family.
  • A person who smokes marijuana so much that they spend a significant amount of time during the week smoking marijuana and their ability to produce and get things done suffers as a result of it.
  • A person who takes cocaine, possibly only once a month, but who is severely affected by it each time and who gets in trouble or hurts themselves or has other types of problems each time they do use it.
  • A person who comes home after work or school every day and plays video games for several hours into the night. A person who has other areas of their life negatively affected because they spent so much time playing video games.
  • A person who goes on shopping sprees on a very regular basis and spends far too much money, compulsively shopping, and endangering their personal finances in doing so.
  • A person who eats and eats and eats way beyond what is normally needed for the human body, and endangers their health. The person simply cannot stop eating certain things and in certain quantities.
  • A person who smokes cigarettes on and on year after year in spite of health problems that come about as a result of it.
  • A person who watches pornography very, very regularly, to the point of watching it far too much. A person who watches so much porn that they have a hard time in relationships, or it begins to affect their work or other areas of life.

As you can see, a behavioral addiction gets manifested in many other ways than just drugs and alcohol. Granted, drugs and alcohol are definitely the most common ones and they are the most dangerous by far, but they are not the only ways that one can have a behavioral addiction.

How to tell if you have a behavioral addiction?  What are the signs? With the definition of behavioral addiction clearly stated, one simply needs to look over their various habits and mannerisms to find the truth. It is not difficult or entirely impossible to do this. All one has to do is look at their mannerisms and how they spend their time each day and decide for themselves if something they’re doing is negatively impacting their life or the lives of those they care about. When such an introspection is done, one will begin to see if they have a behavioral addiction or not.

If you find yourself afflicted with a behavioral addiction, call us today at A Forever Recovery at 866-441-1589. We specialize in not only drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but also in behavioral addiction treatment. We can help you, no matter what your crisis issue is.


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