5 Ways to Keep Paying Your Bills While in Rehab

When people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, they often feel as though they need to enter into an inpatient addiction treatment center to effectively do something about it.  True enough, though substance abuse may yet be a harsh and all but debilitating issue, it is not something that they need to struggle with indefinitely.  A way out of the life crisis that is addiction can and should be found at an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehabilitation program, and recovery organization.

However, when a person is about to go to rehab for an addiction, they are often quite concerned about how exactly are they going to pay for such a rehab program?  How on earth are they going to work it out to have their recovery funded for them, and how are they going to be able to keep paying their bills while they are in treatment?  The troubling issue here is that, though it is of the utmost importance that an addict does go to rehab to get clean, a lot of addicts do not want to do it simply because they do not know how they will pay their bills while they are gone for several weeks or months to a treatment center.

Here is some information on addiction.  What is truly unfortunate about all of this is that people end up not going to rehab, simply because they consider that they will not be able to pay their bills if they do go to rehab.  Instead, they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, and sooner or later their addiction gets so bad that they are not able to pay their bills regardless.  The issue with drug and alcohol addiction that a lot of addicts do not understand is that it is not about if their addiction gets so bad that they can’t support themselves, it’s about when their addiction gets so bad that they can’t support themselves.  That is what it ultimately comes down to.

How to Pay Your Bills While in Rehab

Not being at home and not being able to go to work is no reason to not go to rehab to get your life back together.  Listed below are just a few tips on how to keep your bills in check while in rehab:

  • Pay them in advance.  The easiest thing to do is to simply pay a large sum towards all of our bills in advance, to counteract the fact that you won’t be able to pay them for a few months.
  • Set up automatic bill pay on all of your bills.  This way, the bills simply get paid automatically while you are in treatment.
  • Get someone to help you.  If you are living paycheck to paycheck, then see if a family member or loved one will help you while you are in treatment and simply pay the minimum balances on your bills until you get out of rehab.
  • If you are self-employed, hire someone to run your business for you, and let them keep a percentage of the profits.  This way, you are still technically making money while in rehab.
  • Just let it go.  If all else fails, remember that you getting clean and sober is more important than your financial condition.  If your addiction gets worse, then you won’t have any finances to manage, and your bills will become the least of your concerns.

Addiction Recovery Near You

A Forever Recovery is a rehab center in Michigan that specializes in being able to help people address and handle every single aspect of their lives to the point where they can be totally happy with everything that they are doing.  With the treatment approaches offered here, we can help you.  Call us today at (269) 704-7240.


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