Post-Rehab Behavior Indicative of Patient’s Ability to Maintain Sobriety

One of the greatest problems having to do with drug and alcohol addiction is the incessant and constant threat of relapse that so many people who have experienced addiction inevitably face.  Drug and alcohol addiction is definitely something that can be gotten rid of, and it can be gotten rid of fairly simply too. Drug and alcohol addiction is a hardship and a crisis of many different levels of severity, but it is not something that has to be a constant and ever-present presence in a person’s life.

Drug and alcohol addiction can be gotten rid of, but what of the threat of relapse that is basically always there?  What of the constant, ever-present threat of relapse that those who struggle with addiction inevitably face?  Relapse is one of those ever-present threats that is faced in a person’s recovery.  It is a huge threat to a person’s recovery too because it brings with it a possible, full on backslide into a person’s addiction crisis the likes of which they have probably never felt before.

How to Avoid Relapse After Rehab

Even with the help of a rehab center, there is always still that risk that someone might relapse, and that they might suffer and struggle to one degree or another because of resurgent drug or alcohol abuse.  So, if rehab cannot guarantee a relapse-free lifetime, what can?

The sad truth of the matter is that people who have been struggling with addiction suddenly become capable and able to overcome their habit with rehab, but their recovery is never guaranteed.  There is simply nothing that can be done to guarantee a relapse-free life.  However, there are a lot of different tools and techniques that can be used to assist a person in an everlasting period of sobriety.

Right off the bat, there are a lot of different tools and techniques that are used to help people ensure their sobriety, and one is knowing the indicators and the signs of relapse.  A relapse does not happen overnight.  It is a slow but steady, gradual slip back into drug use, culminating in an actual use of the substance itself.

Some of the signs that a relapse is around the corner from the “I Want to Change My Life Book” are:

  • Anxiety
  • Intolerance
  • Anger
  • Defensiveness
  • Mood swings
  • Isolation
  • Not asking for help
  • Not going to meetings
  • Poor eating habits
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Thinking about people, places, and things you used with
  • Glamorizing your past use
  • Lying
  • Hanging out with old using friends
  • Fantasizing about using
  • Thinking about relapsing
  • Planning your relapse around other people’s schedules

When one looks in the mirror and sees these signs, it is time to buckle down and really start to revisit the reasons and whys and wherewithals of one’s sobriety.  It is time to tighten the belt, double down, and really play attention to sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  In this time period, one really does need to engage themselves in a hardworking and strong, resilient effort to maintain recovery.

Conversely, there are also signs that recovery is stable, solid, and overall quite reliable.  These are the signs that you want to see.  These signs are:

  • You are meeting your goals.
  • You have cut off ties with negative influences.
  • You are repairing broken relationships.
  • You are becoming more honest about your addiction.
  • You have developed techniques for keeping cravings at bay.
  • You feel a desire to help others with their addictions.
  • Simple, everyday tasks are becoming easier.

At the end of the day, these are the signs that you want to see.  If you aren’t seeing them, call A Forever Recovery today and we will help you.  (866) 441-1589.


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