AFR Graduations

That feeling you get when you complete the project that has been on your desk at work for weeks. You get that same feeling when you finally clean out and organize the clutter in the basement, attic or garage. When you put the final gleaming touches on that classic 1950’s car you’ve been restoring. When you cross the finish line of your first 5K run. When you find that perfect balance of seasonings in that dish you’ve been working on. When that oil painting self-portrait actually ends up looking kind of like you. We all know that feeling.

Accomplishment. Triumph. Satisfaction. Yes, we all have had that feeling once or twice before. And what a wonderful sensation it is. Excitement and exhilaration. The fluttery stomach, the heightened senses, the pounding heartbeat mixed with a healthy dose of natural adrenaline. The desire for some recognition in your accomplishment, the feeling like you just need to raise your arms to the sky, yelling “Look! Look, world! Look what I have done!” Truly one of life’s greatest moments: the Feeling of Success.

The graduates at A Forever Recovery are quite familiar with that feeling as well. After several weeks of living at our treatment center, undergoing intensive personal discovery and thorough rehabilitation of Body, Mind and Spirit, they have finally made it. And it hasn’t been easy. From the physical discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms they may have experienced in our Medically Supervised Detox Clinic, to the often uncomfortable examination of their personal issues and past traumas, to the difficult task of making a complete and drastic lifestyle change, each step our graduates have taken on the path to recovery has been tough. But they have persevered. They took the challenge head-on. They stepped up to the test, faced the dragon and won. No, it certainly wasn’t easy.

But it most certainly was worth it.

The graduates of the program at AFR can share this with you themselves. Just take a look at some of our graduation videos. You can see it in their bright eyes and hear it in their enthusiastic words. It shines through in their open and honest facial expressions and in their confident body language. There have been transformations made. There are smiles and there are tears. There is gratitude. There is happiness and peace in there. These are the faces of people that have found in themselves some of the things that they thought had lost to addiction, afraid that they would never find them again. They may share with you a song, a poem or just a few words of thanks, but no matter how they go about it, you can see, hear and feel an overall theme in the emotions that they portray: the Feeling of Success.

The graduation ceremonies held every Friday afternoon at A Forever Recovery aren’t just for the graduates. Everyone at our treatment center is in attendance. Current patients, staff and graduates alike, everyone in the audience and on stage are there to witness the cathartic results of our powerful and effective program. Seeing the graduates collect their certificates and speak about the changes they have made is a great source of encouragement for those patients who are still travelling the difficult path of recovery. As we said, rehabilitation isn’t easy, but seeing and hearing those who have completed the program lets our patients know that, no matter how tough things seem, they can do it. It is possible. A healthier lifestyle and a more positive outlook are within reach. A new appreciation for life and the world around us is at hand. The reassurance and support our graduates give to our patients is an invaluable tool in the recovery process of those still working through their program. It tells them that they can also be Successful.

The staff gains strength and inspiration from these graduation ceremonies as well. Each member of our staff makes a personal investment in the recovery of each individual who has come to us seeking help with their addiction and substance abuse issues. Watching those people transform from broken and pain-filled individuals into strong, hopeful and happy graduates makes it all worthwhile. It lets the staff know that the passion they have for their work does not go unrewarded. It helps them continue to put their full efforts and their whole hearts into their jobs. And it lets them see that their care and compassion has made all of the difference in the world for our graduates. While collecting their certificates, graduates are invited to say a few words, and many of them give thanks to the staff members at A Forever Recovery. But, seeing the changes, the happiness, the hope and the peace of our graduates is a thanks all of its own. Knowing that they have made a real life-changing difference to those that came to them for help and guidance gives their work its real meaning. It lets our staff know that they, too, are Successful.

The program at AFR is a unique approach to rehabilitation from substance abuse and chemical dependency. We have an effective core treatment in Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), which is supplemented by personal counseling and group therapy sessions. Each individual that comes to us seeking assistance with their drug abuse or alcoholism is assigned a treatment team consisting of a Case Manager, a Group Therapy Facilitator and a Counselor, who work together to ensure that their patient is receiving the personal attention and care that they need. We offer various Spiritual Tracks to choose from and we encourage our patients to try out all of them to find the one that works best for their individual needs. We also encourage physical rehabilitation through healthy diet, exercise and nutritional therapy. Our program focuses on healing the individual as a whole, Body, Mind and Spirit. And it is a lot of work. But it is worth all of the effort. And at the end of it, there is light. There is a better way of life. There is a brighter tomorrow. There is happiness, health and peace. There is strength, hope and love. There is Success.

For more graduation videos, staff interviews and client testimonials, visit our YouTube channel.


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