The AFR Experience – A Day in Charlie’s Life at A Forever Recovery

Welcome to the AFR experience.

As you may have seen while perusing our website, A Forever Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that has a unique approach to rehabilitation. You might have noticed our staff interview videos highlighting the passion and enthusiasm that they have for the work that we do here. You might also have seen a few of the graduates of our program sharing a few words on their graduation day, demonstrating how far our program has helped them to come out of the shell of substance abuse they were hiding in. It’s possible you checked out the pictures of our facility and tour video of the grounds. But, what exactly is the AFR experience?

Apart from visiting our recovery center and seeing for yourself, the best way that we can think of to show you what AFR is all about is to have one of our graduates give you their review. That’s where Charlie comes in. He allowed us to follow him around the grounds on a normal day, filming his daily activities and interactions. He also gave us some time on graduation day to interview him, film his testimony and share with you all that he had to say about his experience.

Charlie is a 37 year old, wise-cracking, loveable guy from Southeastern Virginia. He is quick with a joke and has a contagious smile that shines brightly whenever he speaks. But he didn’t always have this positive, sunny disposition that he now has. He came to A Forever Recovery from a dark point in his life, seeking help with his addiction to heroin. After several attempts at getting clean on his own yielded less than satisfactory results, he felt utterly helpless with nowhere to turn. He had already separated with his wife to spare her anymore turmoil and pain, and, while experiencing some intense suicidal thoughts, he admitted himself to a hospital. Soon after that, while searching online for a methadone clinic near him, he found himself on the phone with an intake coordinator at AFR.

Coming out of a physical chemical dependency can be a pretty rough experience for anybody. If you are in any way familiar with the withdrawal symptoms that accompany the detoxification process, it should come as no surprise to you that Charlie wasn’t the happiest of campers when he first arrived. He admits wholeheartedly that it was a difficult time for him but, in the same breath, he gives praise to the clinical staff at our medically supervised detox center. He knows that everything was done to make the process as comfortable as possible for him, under the circumstances. The patience and compassion shown by our medical team were his first signs that he was in a good, safe place where people truly cared about his wellbeing and wanted to help him get better.

Charlie spoke fondly about the rehabilitation program at A Forever Recovery. If you have looked at any other treatment centers, you probably have seen a kind of “cookie-cutter” mentality, where every person is treated in the same way using the same methods in a “one treatment fits all” view of recovery. No consideration to the unique personality or spirituality of the individual is given. At AFR, we know that every person is different and that no two people will respond in the same way to any particular modality. One of the best things we have to offer are our options, and the freedom of choice that come with them. Charlie experienced more than one of those options, finding the path that best fit his personal needs. His favorite part of our treatment was our core program, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT).

In reviewing those other treatment centers, you may have also noticed that many of them focus on simply removing the unwanted substances from the patient’s body and then calling it a day. Others actually believe that an effective treatment of addiction is to prescribe another drug to replace the one the person is already addicted to. At AFR, we believe that drug replacement is counter-productive and that detox is only one part of the rehabilitation process. Our program is designed to help our patients find and address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. Our goal is to teach them the skills and give them the tools they need to maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle when they leave our recovery center. Does the program here work? Charlie seems to think so. “It’s a program that’s designed to help you change your thinking and your behaviors,” he enthusiastically told our interviewer. “I could go on forever about how amazing MRT is.”

One of the best results we have seen at AFR is in helping our patients learn how to form healthy relationships and to rebuild the ones they may have damaged with their drug abuse or alcoholism. Charlie is looking forward to mending his relationships with his wife and children. He has also enjoyed forming strong, lasting bonds of friendship with the others he has met at our facility. He considers them his new family, and finds those bonds to be more meaningful than any he had with what he calls his “using buddies”.

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Charlie is a perfect example of what we aim for at A Forever Recovery. He has made a personal transformation, and found a new outlook on life. He found a healthier and more positive view of the world and an appreciation for the people in it including, maybe most importantly, himself. He expressed some apprehension towards his reentry into daily life in the real world, but feels confident that he has the tools he needs to maintain his clean and sober lifestyle. He has hope for himself, his family and his future.

To learn more about Charlie and to share in his AFR experience, visit You can see his interview, his graduation ceremony, his daily life and many more AFR videos at Come check us out and see what we are all about.


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